All forms of essay writing in the field of psychology, like in other sciences, is meant to inform the audience about a theory, idea, or experiment. To reach this end, an anxiety essay should be written in consideration of clarity and brevity. You should also minimize the use of descriptive language as well as complex sentence structure. In fact, top writers in psychology display the ability to make complex ideas comprehensible to people outside their expertise. As you write an essay on anxiety disorder, you should remember that you are writing to convey factual knowledge that is entrenched in research. You should strive to be precise, and should, therefore, use clear and concise language. Psychology can also be a dense field, where writing makes constant references to previous research.

Some Important Conventions for Anxiety Disorder Essays

While most academics will agree on the anxiety disorder essays conventions presented here, we recommend that you check with your instructor to ensure that the expectations of a particular assignment are met. Some general conventions to consider as you write your essay on anxiety include to:

  • Avoid surprises, meaning that you should be clear about the points you are trying to make.
  • Be consistent by always showing how new theories and evidence relate to the bigger points in your essay.
  • Avoid direct quotations as much as possible, and opt, instead of distilling the essence of the source.
  • Make sure to use bias-free language
  • Use phrases like people diagnosed with autism, instead of autistics
  • Limit or avoid the use of jargons
  • Avoid wordiness and be succinct
  • Prefer active rather than passive voice
  • Always have a title for your paper

It is also recommended that you start by writing a good outline containing headings and subheadings, then proceed to fleshing out the outline. The APA format requires students to include headings and subheadings, meaning that you could start your social anxiety disorder essay by making an APA inspired outline that flows in a linear progression. Lastly make sure to include a sound conclusion, where you reiterate the main points of the essay, and restate the thesis statement.

Use of Evidence in an Essay Anxiety Paper

As previously indicated, in psychology evidence for the inferences made is critical for the general authenticity of the paper and to avoid accusations of plagiarism. Such evidence should rely on concrete data, instead of the opinions of others. As you write your essay anxiety paper, most of your sources of evidence ought to be peer-reviewed reports of empirical studies. You can locate studies to support your essay by searching through peer-reviewed journals using such search engines as Google Scholar and PsycINFO. Make sure to reference all the sources used to support your arguments using accurate APA format, as outlined in the latest edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. All sources cited within the text must be included in the reference section at the end of the essay.

While using these guidelines will definitely improve your ability to write a social anxiety essay, you will still be required to conduct extensive research and pay attention to grammar and syntax. Fortunately, we have built contact with reliable, competent and experienced writers who can help write your paper. If you are still not able to produce a stellar essay on your own, contact us.