Education has been a character of man since the beginning of time. Learning has however changed its shape, tone and form in the last one millennium from an informal to a more formal classroom type. The purpose of education has shifted over the years and has thus shifted the output of education with it. Any why is education so important essay should seek to give the reasons for that change and the factors that necessitated the same. Informal education was mostly based on familial setting. It purposed to build the moral character and understanding of the world view through the perspectives of the patriarch for sons and matriarch for girls. With time formal education became introduced to nobles and the wealthy to preserve the knowledge of kingdoms and to prepare them for leadership.

Why Is Physical Education Important Essay

In the modern era education performs much more technical functions, the primary one of which is to prepare one for life in the workplace and to create specialization. Education is important as it builds the individual, the family, the community and then the macro climate i.e. the work environment, country and the whole human system. Education holds the following practical benefits:

  • The greatest joy of education is to learn as a student and to bequeath knowledge for a teacher.
  • It teaches scholars how to build important societal bonds that bloom into collective responsibility and accountability for everyone in the community.
  • It teaches both students and teachers to work together for the common good. Great human problems have been solved through educational collaboration with disease eradication through research, and new, ground breaking physics discoveries in the world’s leading institutions.
  • Students gain technical abilities to be utilized later.

Why Is Education So Important Essay

Education has both moral and intellectual benefits that build the individual and community around them. It has tons of other benefits beyond just instilling technical knowledge and moral values. Learning has now transcended the classroom walls and physical education is now an important part of the learning curriculum. Write a great why is physical education important essay that showcases all the benefits of taking learning outside the conventional class setting. It should talk about how easier it gets for students especially elementary ones to relate teaching to the physical world and thus gaining better understanding. It should also highlight the importance of P.E to student health in terms of reducing stress and blowing steam.

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