Recently, there have been increasing cases of suicide. For every two cases of murder are reported, one case of suicide is reported. This is a big problem worldwide. In the United States, suicide has been ranked as the 10th cause of death for everyone and the 3rd leading cause of death for youths aged 15 to 24 years. For every 4 cases of suicidal attempts, one is successful. In the developed world, the gun is the most commonly used weapon for committing suicide.

People that think of death more often and have a plan of suicide are more likely to commit suicide. These people do not actually want to die but find committing suicide as a permanent solution to their problems. Hopelessness, helplessness and feeling worthless causes someone to be unable to solve problems and only think of committing suicide as a solution. People that have been found to be a risk of committing suicide are those that:

  • Have a personal history of suicidal attempts
  • Their family has history of attempting and committing suicide
  • History of depression, mental health and bipolar disorder
  • Have substance abuse such as alcoholism

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Teenage suicides have been on the increase due to preoccupation with death or due to recent breakups in relationships. It is also teenagers that are in the challenge of substance abuse which is also one of the major causes of suicide. Other reasons for suicide among the teens may not be obvious. For example, being overwhelmed with school homework, financial challenges, and feeling neglected by loved ones. When you hear a teenager talking of killing themselves due to these challenges, you should take caution.

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