The issue of children abuse has grown big and is affecting all the societies all over the world. Every ten seconds, a new case of child abuse is reported. The effects are widespread to the child, the family and the society at large. When a child has signs of violence inflicted by a person older than them, then that is child abuse.

Many are times when cases of child abuse go unreported due to fear and other societies terming it as a shame to disclose some forms of child abuse. The trend is going up and new cases of child abuse are reported every day as well as people choosing to be silent on others.

There are so any forms of child abuse that are reported in different parts of the world:

  • Abusing the child sexually
  • Psychological abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Neglecting the child
  • Abusing the child emotionally.
  • Custodial interference

These forms of child abuse can lead to consequences such as poor mental health and poor physical health of the child which can even progress to adulthood of the victim.

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