Before you sit down and start drafting your essay on down syndrome, there are various things that you need to know about the condition.

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder whereby an individual has one more copy of chromosome 21. This condition causes a delay in physical growth and the impairment of cognitive ability. The challenges with the physical growth can be mild developmental challenges. The common signs of Down syndrome are: Small stature, Low muscle tone, Upward slant to the eyes, and Single deep crease across the palm

These characteristics may not all appear to one person at the same time. Down syndrome is categorized into three types. Trisomy 21 which accounts for 95% cases of Down syndrome, Translocation which accounts for 4% of Down syndrome cases, and Mosaicism which accounts for 1% of Down syndrome cases.

What is the History of Down Syndrome?

According to recent statistics, 6000 babies are born with Down syndrome in the US every this.  One out of 700 newborn babies has the condition. Any person in the world can be born with the condition. Research has it that the older the mother is, the more likely that she can deliver a child with Down syndrome. Also, people born with Down syndrome have a higher risk of congenital heart defects, hearing problems, respiratory problems, Alzheimer’s disease, Leukemia, and thyroid. The good news is that people with Down syndrome live healthy since most of these conditions can be treated. Down syndrome essays should include this information.

How Can We Help People With Down syndrome?

People with Down syndrome can also participate in nation building activities such as going to school, working, voting, participating in decision making and contributing in many other meaningful ways. The society has accepted people with Down syndrome and takes care of them, this has increased their life expectancy to 60 years. You can care for these people by providing good educational programs, good health being positive, and help them to be productive in life.

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