Social media has taken the world by storm in recent years; as of the year 2015, popular social media site Facebook alone had at least 1.49 billion users with this number increasing with each passing minute. Like any other phenomenon that takes the world by storm, the sheer speed at which the use of social media is gaining popularity is bound to become an interesting topic for an essay on influence of media on students assignment

When assigned an essay on the influence of media on students, where do we begin? The most important thing to have in mind is that the use of social media by students is like a coin that has two sides- the good and the bad. You may be required to choose to focus on the good, and your essay will detail that:

  • Social networking allows young people the kind of independence they want at that age; giving them the opportunity to make their own independent relationships
  • It can be a good avenue for professional growth by meeting people with similar career interests
  • Students are able to create new identities and boost their confidence
  • There are some good initiatives that begin on social media where students can take part in a good cause
  • Like any other form of media, social media can be a good source of information

These are a few examples of what you will have to know when writing a good influence of media on students essay. At the same time, you may be required to write about the downside of having access to social media. In that case, we know that your essay must detail that:

  • Social media is behind the identity crisis faced by the younger generation
  • It can be an avenue for illegal activities, more specifically bullying targeted towards young individuals
  • It is time wasting as it may take away from study time
  • It can lead to addiction if misused

These are also just a few of the many negatives you would need to have. However, an essay on influence may not always take one side; you may find yourself faced with other structures for this essay.

We know how to structure your influence essay

More often than not, your assignment will require you to take a stand. This means that you will require us to write an argumentative influence essay. Here’s how our expert writers will structure this essay into four main parts:

  • The introduction: must start with a catchy hook. Also, the introduction will have some background information that lets the reader know they are about to read a media influence essay. Finally, it will end with a thesis statement which clearly states the position taken in the argument
  • Developing your media influence argument: this will make up the next section of your essay. The argument will take the form of a number of claims, each with its own supporting evidence. The number of claims used will depend on the length of your essay on influence of media. Each claim will have its own separate paragraph.
  • Refuting other arguments: to add credibility to your argument, our writers will include a section in which they will state arguments that conflict with yours as well as the reasons that make these arguments invalid.
  • The conclusion: the conclusion of your essay on media influence will first of all, reinstate the thesis in order to remind the reader how important the argument is. Second, the conclusion will make the reader imagine a world where this argument is accepted.

Breaking down your essay on influence of social media into such a clear straightforward structure will leave your reader convinced that your argument is valid.

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