While writing an essay on social media, especially an argumentative essay, it is important to understand how these forms of essays are structured. For most students or writers, what distorts an essay is the lack of understanding the structure and thus the content appear haphazard instead of flowing. An argumentative essay about social media would essentially follow this structure:

  • Introduction: in an argumentative essay social media introduction, a writer should explain their choice of topic and what they want it to show. You should show why that topic appeals to you and why you feel like it should be discussed. Do not forget to explain how this affects or benefits your audience
  • Arguing: this is where you try to get your audience to subscribe to your thoughts. Here you should use examples and statistics for your essay to be a persuasive essay on social media. You can also use quotations to help you prove your point and merit your argument.
  • Contradiction: here, you should of course expect to have thoughts that do not agree with you. Do not be afraid that it looks like you are contradicting yourself, what you are doing would be highlighting that even though there are different opinions, you have reason to believe that your argument is more correct. Make sure u explain why some refute your argument and try prove them wrong.
  • Conclusion: here, you write a summary of everything that appears in the body of your text. Whether you were trying to argue for the benefits of essays on social media addiction, or yours was a dangers of social media essay rebuttal, this is where you do a summary. As you conclude an essay on social media addiction, you should have proved why your view is right and brought out your argument as a substantial win. Your conclusion should be based on facts and should be eloquent.

How to write a persuasive essay on social media as well as social media addiction essay

The popularity of social media means it is one of the most appealing topics and especially for an argumentative essay on social media. A social media addiction essay is also one of the most relevant argumentative essays. Remember that there are different feelings about social media. Those who benefit from it feel it is essential for a better future while others feel that it is an impediment to personal relations. There are truth in both arguments though and a writer should understand which he subscribes to before even choosing a topic on this argument.

The good part about this argument is that almost everyone has one interest or another in social media so the potential arguments that are available are as many. This type of essay should tackle something that matters to you personally as a writer. One can choose to look at Facebook which happens to be the most popular. There is also twitter, a micro blog which has been used to mostly vent. Then there is snap chat which focuses on the now as well as LinkedIn which appeals more to professionals. There is no shortage of forum that a writer can choose to focus on depending on their experience. The common factor is that all of the platforms has their negative and positive effects depending on your perspective.

Once you understand the above, then it is time for you to choose a topic examples of which could be:

  • Why social media is good for business
  • The bad side of social media
  • Positive effects of social media on relationships among many more.

Then from there you analyze the scope of your topic by studying information surrounding it. The vastness of this topic requires that you choose from relevant resources to guide your argument. Otherwise you will get lost in between. Decide which side of your argument you are on and choose to predominantly show that side as the best. Then decide a negative side that you will be defending your argument against and you have a plan for your argumentative essay.

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