Addiction is one of the most researched areas worldwide. It is almost among the most detrimental factors as far as relationships are concerned. It has been blamed for many things ranging from broken homes, violence, and theft and even leading to depression. When you mention addiction, many people think of drugs. True, drugs used to be the most addictive substances but in today’s world, development and advancements even in technology has contributed in addictive behavior for different products or substances. As a writer, it is important to understand what addiction is. It is also imperative that one looks at the effects of addiction. An essay on addiction should be objective rather than subjective for your essay to bring out professionalism. Most people go wrong while writing essays by being subjective, that is basing their text on their personal feelings and emotions or opinions. Include addiction definition essay in your text as you begin. A definition essay on addiction seeks to give the reader a sense of what you will be basing you essays on or rather the basis of your essay.

Popular essays on addiction topics

There are several essays about addiction that will resonate with everyone that comes across it worldwide. As a writing service about essays on addiction, we offer essays on the most important topic because we understand that when you tackle a subject that affects a vast majority, the impact of your essay will resonate more with your instructors and therefore you too stand a chance of scoring higher. Below we look at possible addiction essay topics.

  • Drug addiction: as mentioned at the beginning of this post, drug addiction is one of the oldest and most detrimental forms of addiction. As opposed to other types of addiction, this one potentially is more dangerous if you were to factor in withdrawal and its effects once an addict is unable to access the drugs. Drug addiction is also bad as it causes dependency thus rendering addicts useless if they have not indulged. Most drug addiction also tends to bring about illnesses that prove hard to treat including depression and brain damage: this you cannot reverse.
  • Gambling addiction: this is another topic on addiction that you can choose to base your addiction essay on. As you can see, an addiction essay does not necessarily have to be on drugs. Gambling has led to families breaking up as this addiction preys on finances. As a writer you can choose to look at the effects of gambling addiction and what has made gambling so appealing to the masses in today’s society.
  • Video game addiction: another form of addiction that has parents and psychologists alarmed is addiction to video games. This has seen especially kids forget to do homework or engage in any physical activity and it has been blamed for laziness and other lifestyle diseases like obesity. However, there are also certain benefits attributed to playing video game. These are some of the factors as a writer you should bring out in your essay.

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