Most history courses require students to submit history essays as part of their assessment. One type of essay often used by instructors to assess students is ancient Egypt essay, where the student is expected to write on some aspect of ancient Egypt. Writing essays on ancient Egypt, as is the case with most forms of academic writing, helps students to develop specific abilities that will allow them to take part in continuing the discussion about the past, including creating and presenting a well-reasoned argument, effectively and quickly analyzing and summarizing texts, and producing a scholarly paper. Such skills will prove useful well beyond the history classroom. As such, this article offering on how to structure and write essays on Egypt. Some of the issues covered include:

  • A comprehensive introduction and thesis statement
  • Writing the body paragraphs
  • Citations and using evidence to support arguments
  • Concluding on your arguments


The Initial critical paragraph of an Egypt Essay

While every part of your essay is important, the initial introductory paragraph vital. The introductory paragraph is your first chance to wow your reader, and first impressions can be decisive. Therefore, as you write your Egypt essay, you should consider writing an eye-catching first sentence. More important is that you show your understanding of the assignment question. It is also in the introductory section where you will be required to give careful consideration of the key terms and establish the relevant issues and timeframe. In other words, you outline the parameters of the question. You formulate an argument or present alternate lines of argument, which you intend to pursue in the paper.

The final component of a well written introductory paragraph of an Egypt essay is a thesis statement, in which the writer lays the foundation for the rest of the paper. In reading your initial paragraph and the thesis statement, your readers should be profoundly reassured that you are on the right track, relevant, rigorous and analytical. As such, make sure that your thesis statement is clear, concise and connected to the topic of the essay.


Evidence and Citation in the Body of the Essay About Egypt

If you have written a good introductory section, writing the body of your essay should be more coherent. Each paragraph in your paper should contain a message or argument, which should be supported by evidence that is properly referenced. Consider starting each middle paragraph of your essay about Egypt with a generalization connected to the question. The generalization should then be followed by evidence, in which you develop and substantiate the idea. Provide a judicious selection of evidence, including quotations and facts, to support the argument you make. As you only have a limited amount of time and word count, think about the amount of detail you intend to give. Lastly, include a concrete conclusion in which you restate your thesis statement and summarise your main points in the paper.

To conclude, a good essay on ancient Egypt, particularly one that appears effortlessly composed, requires care in the structuring and several revisions. Relevance is critical to the quality of your essay. The guidelines offered here should help you create a good essay. However, if you need help producing a stellar essay on Egypt, please contact us.