How does a habit come into existence? How do you become good at something that you didn’t know? How do you step out of your comfort zone to do the things that you fear? The more you do something over and over again, the better you become at it. Whether it is a good or a bad habit, you will get used to doing it until it gets to a point where you can do it in your sleep. How then does procrastination come about in life?

Procrastination is putting things to do at a later time. It becomes even stronger when you know there is no urgency to get the task completed. Like handing in an assignment. If your deadline seems to be far, you will put it off until the last minute to get it done. Trust me; many students have gone through the last minute deadline rush. Others are still in that phase. Where they don’t see why they need to do their homework early yet, the deadline could be in a week’s time. Or maybe it is attending a meeting. Some people will never make it anywhere on time. Not because they can’t do it. But because they have formed the habit of not taking timelines and deadlines seriously.

The worst thing about procrastination is that you convince yourself that you have enough time to get it done. Say for example you have to write a procrastination essay. Your teacher says when you should hand it in and the deadline seems far. In your mind, you feel like there is enough time to get it done so you get a sense of comfort and decide to do other things. Your essay requires you to do some prior research and come up with material that should guarantee you a good grade. You also need to write it in a transparent manner bringing out your thoughts systematically. Now in your mind, writing such an essay doesn’t look like it’s such a hard task. Until you sit and start writing only to realize you don’t have content to write about. Anytime you do something hurriedly you end up not giving it the attention it deserves. Rushing to finish writing the essay means it will not be one of your best-written essays. You will end up producing a poorly written article, and your teacher will know you didn’t take the time and attention to write it well.

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