Privacy rights among job applicants are issues that have been marred by lots of debate for quite a long time now. The main focus has been based on the polygraphs that are applied on prospective employees during their job applications. As a result of this, employers are now taking very precautious measures when hiring by vetting potential employees through polygraphs. This is aimed at ensuring that all claims that are filed by the human resource managers are legitimate and accurate. However, critics have protested that the use of polygraphs is an infringement of the privacy rights of potential employees by employers.

Privacy is said to have been violated when certain decrees and procedures are applied against individuals so as to acquire factual information about them. Such procedures may involve various actions like torture and using various tactics and equipment to spy on other people. All such measures are illegitimate and against the steps that should be taken for the extraction of information about others.

In most government offices, businesses and even medical facilities, polygraphs are often applied when hiring. Many view the process as necessary in order to extract certain information that may affect the whole country. However it is a questionable practice that erodes people’s privacy. There are a few cases whereby the use of polygraphs can be justified for example when an employer is running at a loss and needs to find out the employee who maybe stole, lied or went against the working conditions. In this regards, the employer can be justified to apply polygraphs.

Since people are very different, there are those that can be termed as weak, keen, ager, easily cheated, overly trusting among other characters. Thus, it can at times occur that they reveal certain information about others or themselves without necessarily being coerced. It is of great importance for us to understand that levels of privacy vary from one individual to another. Besides, things that are considered private by one person may not be so to another. The degree or level of privacy is then established by the person who holds the facts of the information that is deemed private.

Privacy and secrecy infringement often takes place at the places of work. This can be attributed to the transparent behaviors that are often showcased by people on such platforms. Besides, employers also use certain equipment to spy on employees leaving them vulnerable to privacy erosion. Even though employees are often notified of the surveillance, it still amounts to infringement into their privacy and secrecy rights.

According to the constitution, written conversations are accorded protection from seizure or searches that are not necessary. However, other various forms of electronic communications like emails are not accorded this protection. Privacy is a very critical life aspect that is not quite easy to maintain. According to philosophers, secrecy and privacy can only be earned on a platform which is justified. When privacy is guaranteed, the freedoms and human rights of individuals are protected and appreciated.