Writing essays may be something you have done throughout your school life, but nonetheless it may still prove challenging every time you are required to complete such an assignment. This is because there are different types of essays, with each one of them needing a specific writing style.

One type of essay that students at all levels are often assigned, and which often proves rather challenging for most of them, is a motivation essay. How do you go about it? Where do you start? When writing this type of essay, the first thing you need to come up with is the topic. How well you choose your topic often determines the quality of the essay that you ultimately write.

Choose a topic that you are familiar with and are passionate about. This will generate an interest on your part; something which the reader can easily notice from the way you present you ideas and argument. Narrow down your topic to avoid having too much to write on and ensure your sources of information are readily available. Your readers should be able to relate with the topic you choose if they are to be interested with what you have to say.

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