In some fields of learning an essay on instructional design is compulsory. Education and the social sciences are such fields. Unfortunately many students feel overwhelmed when required to write essay on instructional design. This is mostly due to the fact that majority of the students do not comprehend what is required in such an essay. This can be frustrating.

Although this topic is fairly wide, there are certain standard aspects that should be covered in an essay on instructional design. The following are some of the issues that students must address in their essay with regard to instructional design:

  • Definition. Instructional design has several definitions. It is however recognized as the process of creating “instructional experiences” that make the learning process more effective, efficient and appealing. It entails determining the objectives of learning and coming up with appropriate methods of achieving such objectives. This is often with an aim of improving the current state of learning. Instructional designs can be implemented in different settings. Sometimes the process may be teacher driven or even involve students solely. In other cases, instructional design can be community driven. Ultimately there are different means of evaluating instructional design to determine its effectiveness. Results of the process can either be scientifically measured or observed in the person’s involved.

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  • History. Instructional design dates back during the World War II era during which diverse training procedures took place. Military training materials were developed based on several factors such as behavior, learning process and principles of learning. Recruits into the program were screened prior to training. With the success of this program psychologists began assessing the needs and effectiveness of training programs. Since they viewed training as a system, they came up with various methods and aspects of training.
  • Models of instructional design. An essay on instructional design is incomplete without touching on the varied models of instructional system development or instructional design. Ranging from the Dick and Carrey model to the Instructional System Learning Development and the ADDIE system, there are varied models of instructional design. However, the ADDIE remains the most popular of all the models. It entails a five step process namely: analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. With this model, the process is quite simple. The designer first analyzes the current learning system with a focus on the instructional methods and its effectiveness. After identifying the gaps, the designer then designs a new system clearly stating the objectives of learning. This process is followed by developing the activities and curriculum of learning. Implementation then takes place followed by the evaluation of the entire process.

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