Instructional design is all about making the learning experience simpler for students in different fields of learning. It involves various stages that finally achieve the set learning goals.A certain interesting essay on instructional design highlights how learning is all about creating shared understanding between the student and the instructor.

Using instructional design, one increases the chance of a student learning anything. Instructional design also makes very complex subjects simpler to grasp. Generally speaking, it makes the learning process more enjoyable.

It involves the creating of easy methods of handling class sessions. This way the students are able to easily follow what the instructor is teaching. Coming up with interesting ways of teaching a particular concept also makes it more likely the student will be able to recall the matter that was being studied. For example using demonstrations in class will make a concept stick on a student’s mind as opposed to just talking about it.

An essay on instructional design gives an example of a class room session. The session is divided into four parts to make the learning process more efficient. Through this method the students are said to grasp the concepts being discussed in class much faster and better.

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The first stage involves introducing a scenario from where the importance or relevance of studying the problem will be drawn. This way the instructor will also find out whether the students already have prior knowledge about the subject. They will also develop questions in their minds that will make them curious and eager to learn more about the subject.

The second stage involves the students with the direction of the instructor coming up with data concerning the subject matter. This investigation can be done within group discussions. As they are carrying out these activities the focus of the class becomes clearer.

Students can then discuss their findings in class with each other. They are able to compare and draw conclusions based on the facts they now have. The instructor will also be able to bring in new concepts on the table for discussions and this way provoke the students to think outside the box.

Finally, according to the essay on instructional design, students are given an assessment to find out whether they understood the concepts accurately. Students learning about instructional design can be told to come up with an essay on instructional design.

E-learning has also been made more efficient through instructional design. Creating of efficient ways to handle online learning is very important especially with the advent of technology. People are able to study with the help of an instructor who is miles away. This is a very interesting subject to be covered in an essay on instructional design.