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Sample essay about video games or video games essay

There are a variety of perspectives an essay on video games might be approached. The field is wide and vast and the potential for growth cannot be overlooked when writing this kind of essay. Take for instance a video game addiction essay. In this type of essay, a writer should look at the rate at which video games are addictive. Other than that, one should bring out the effects of this addiction and how it can be curbed or controlled. It is also critical to examine and highlight the typical kinds of games that are prone to addiction and which ones add value to the addicts if any. In case you decide to go for video games are good for you essay, there are also certain characteristics or points that you would be required to defend or uphold and prove in your text. This essay can also be headlined as benefits of video games essay. In this essay, you should strive to endear video games’ benefits to critics who are against the development and sale of the said games. Points to consider in an essay about video games are vast. For one, there is the ability of video games to enhance a players’ hand-eye coordination. This is especially helpful if one was to transition into a career that requires precision such as machine aided surgery. There is also the fact that for most games, strategy is critical. This in turn forces players to think and react fast or even think several moves ahead if they want to get ahead in various game levels. This is a benefit that cannot be overlooked in how it shapes a players character even in the professional world.

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