Climate change is a controversial subject. Proponents of global warming and reformists believe that climate change has been caused mainly if not solely by mankind, due to how selfishly he runs the planet without thinking of the future and how his current activities affect it. They believe that by putting more effort to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing use of fossil fuels and activities emitting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere. Your global warming causes and effects essay should start by elaborating on the definition of both climate change and global warming and their relation to each other.

While we understand that you may not have time to write a great global warming effects essay, maybe because you don’t have time, don’t let that stop you from getting a good grade. We have the tools you need to write a great essay that will captivate your professor.

Tackle the Issues with Your Global Warming Effects Essay

Our company has worked on hundreds, possibly thousands of climate and environmental change and greenhouse effect essays so what we know what a great essay on these topics entail. We can make your essay enthralling and we can speak in a unique voice that will benefit you greatly because we know the issues to address and what will capture your reader. Global warming has had massive effects on climate which include:

  • Changing weather patterns
  • Melting of glaciers and the ice caps
  • Severe drought and loss of arid land
  • Tsunamis, hurricanes and rising ocean levels

These are some but not all of the major issues that we face due to our destructive behavior on earth. Loss of biodiversity both marine and land is also of great concern.

Let Your Global Issues Essay Highlight the Solutions to Be Addressed

Your global warming cause and effect essay should highlight the progress being made towards moving us to a much greener planet and efforts being taken to reduce each country’s carbon footprint. Several international pacts/agreements have been made in a collaborative effort to stop or reverse climate change. Give the most important examples of these. You can buy an authentic, tailor-made global warming sample essay at little cost on our site. Or you can download free essays on global warming and its effects in our vast general library if you want to make your writing better.

The best global issues essay will also speak of current native solutions such as clean energy (wind and solar), planting of trees and capping of carbon emission levels by industries to reverse the effects of global warming. There are also numerous research efforts being run by different institutions to combat the effects of global warming.