Gay marriage is one of the issues that have been creating a lot of buzz in the society and being handled in Supreme Court frequently. The Supreme Court is anticipated to make a judgment whether the Defense of Marriage act infringes the civil rights of LGBT [gays and lesbians]. In addition, it has to rule whether gay and lesbian marriages should be legitimate. The Wall Street financial institutions have held on same sex marriage projects as there is a lot to ripe from the advice their offer. On top of this, the Supreme Court is also expected to decide whether there was any kind of discrimination against the LBGT community especially those people voted for Proposition 8 to get rid of gay and lesbian marriages.

Gay marriage has been a hot topic in America. Many people have been arguing for or against chances of having it legalized. Prior to the Supreme Court ruling, some states in America have already legalized gay marriages while others have opposed it vehemently. Majority of the same sex couples want the states to consider their rights and protection. There are also chances that an amendment may be enacted into the federal constitution. The final decision or ruling will create lot of controversies and lot of questions will be raised.

The Supreme Court has to make a ruling on the Defense of Marriage act case, the proposition 8 and Windsor vs United States cases. The Windsor vs United State is all about a row over mistreatment of LBGT community and it does not involve enactment of the gay marriages into the constitution. On the other hand, Christians who oppose same sex marriage feel that the case is against the norms of family settings and Gods plan.

This issue has forced many people to have different perspectives about life and society. Sociologists have different views on gay marriages. They feel it’s a right for those involved and focus on the law. Every person should access available resources in the society without any discrimination regardless of their gender. Consequently, this has led to an increase in the number of people supporting gay marriages. Those supporting gay marriages feel that culture and society we live in has altered the roles of a man or a woman. For others, gay marriages are against the set values and mores in the society.