As the use of technology continues to grow, so does the interest of scholars and academicians on the relationship between such technology and elements of social life. In fact, essays on technology and society have become a common form of assessment in learning institutions. While producing good essays on technology require observation of the general elements of essay writing such as grammar and syntax, there are other additional requirements in the use of language and framing needed to make your essay outstanding. What follows in this article is an examination of style and grammar when writing an ‘is technology good or bad essay.’ The article is intended to offer tips on how not to write about technology and society. Consider this article as a guide to help you avoid obscuring jargon and the most egregious clichés.

Framing an ‘is society too dependent on technology essay

Like any other form of academic writing, an essay about technology requires you to frame your argument in a coherent and clear manner using proper sentence structures and grammar. However, particular to this form of essays is the tendency to use moral panic narratives, which largely suggest that we are on an inevitable path towards a catastrophe. When writing is society too dependent on technology essay, try to avoid such narratives that present extreme emotional arguments that obscure nuance and limit debate. Instead, support your arguments on the merits and demerits of technology with evidence from research and reliable publications. When looking at progress narratives, as such questions as who the future is better, faster, easier, or more efficient for.

When writing a technology dependence essay, it is best not to place a blanket blame on technology. For instance, Tinder is not directly responsible for a hook-up culture or dating apocalypse. Rather it may encourage or amplify existing behaviors and activities. In other words, you should endeavor to explore the ways in which technology and people interact. Lastly avoid coming to tired conclusions based on speculations, by making such assertions ‘as the future of … is here,’ or ‘… Is dead’.

Language and Rhetoric in Advancement in Technology Essay

When writing an academic essay, the language used should be relevant to the topic and subject of your essay. You should desist from using vague phrases and jargon that make it difficult to understand your message. It relies too much on industry jargon to write your ‘people are dependent on technology essay, you are probably too close to the technology. Honored words like “startup,” “innovate,” and “disrupt,” often end meaning almost nothing and gain a certain moral power. Cases have also been reported of people writing ‘the internet’ when they actually mean the people on the internet. For instance, in your dependence on technology essay, you may be tempted to write: ‘the internet’s response to the situation. In this example, the internet is imagined as a singular actor, instead of a collection of different platforms for discussion. It reduces your argument or discussion to the technology, instead of people using it. Another important recommendation when writing an ‘are we too dependent on technology argumentative essay’ is to limit your use of overused quotes relating to technology, such as ‘The future is already here….’ or ‘data in the new oil.’ Focus more on the main messages in your arguments, and use evidence to support each argument.

In summary, writing a good technology essay requires you to pay attention to:

  • Language and framing
  • Structure and grammar
  • Accuracy or information and evidence
  • Minimizing the use of jargons

Armed with these guidelines you are better placed to produce a stellar ‘are we too dependent on technology essay.’ However, even with these suggestion producing a good essay would still require significant research and structuring skills, and you may require some assistance from experts. If you need help writing a good advancement in technology essay, contact us, and we will connect you to the best writers in the academic writing industry.