Coming up with a team is not an easy task. However, what is even harder is managing the team. An essay on Create and lead Technology in the News Posts highlights the advantages of working as a team. A team is diverse in terms of the inherent diversity in skills, talents and personalities.

This means that the leader has a wide pool of resources to pick from when he needs to delegate responsibilities. Different skills and temperaments complement each other. There are those that are good in one thing and not necessarily good in another. It is important that the leader is keen to note and understand members of his team so as to be able to use this advantageously.

On the flip side these differences bring about conflict within the group. Whenever a group of people work together as a team, it is inevitable that conflict will arise. A married couple is a team working towards a certain goal and this is why there is always fighting and bickering even in this basic institution.

Therefore, it is no wonder that even at the organizational level, members of a team will not always agree with each other with regards to the activities to apply to achieve the goal. Sometimes, team members will agree on other personal issues that are not related to work. But in order to ensure the smooth sailing of the organization, the leader may have to intervene.

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The leader should recognize that the team members have different backgrounds in terms of religious and moral beliefs. This by itself is an opportunity for conflict to thrive. The best approach is to openly address and deal with such issues as they arise as opposed to sweeping them under the rag.

Unresolved issues among team members will affect the efficiency of their work. Remember, for every member to perform to their ultimate best, they require a conducive psychological environment.

The team leader should avail avenues through which the team members can resolve their issue. Working with the human resource department, the team leader should find a system where small issues can be dealt with.

If this does not happen, the team leader will waste a lot of time acting like a counselor trying to solve all the work and personal problems of the workers. Some organizations prefer to hire an external consultant counselor to help their team members resolve their personal issues in a non-work environment.