Many foreign families are emigrating to the USA and England, where English is used as the main communication language. Adjustment is a problem because of  language barriers. English language learners have a hard time adjusting to their new schools and language of study.

An essay on ELL Families and Schools should cover ways of making the learning process easier for such learners. Instructors who issue essay on ELL Families and Schools expect you to address ways in which teachers of foreign learners can improve their language skills.

Ways of improving learning for English language learners

There are three main things you can do to make English language learners adapt into their new learning system without a hurdle. The following are the strategies that you should adopt in your essay on ELL Families and Schools.

  • Develop means of improving ELL parents’ communication. For foreign learners, the native tongue or language is spoken largely at home. This makes it difficult to practice the little English leant at school. Many of their parents cannot communicate in any other language besides the foreign language. There are many ways through which as a school with foreign learners you can make the students’ parents comfortable. First off you can integrate activities for both the ESL and ELL parents. Such activities will enhance interaction and somehow improve knowledge of English. You can also provide basic lessons for such parents so that they learn how to communicate as well and speak English at home. By making the parents comfortable, you will help them develop an interest in the language.

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  • Establish suitable ways of communicating to ELL. When instructing the ELLs it is necessary to integrate their culture in your lessons. You must therefore find out means of communicating to them in a way that they understand. During the initial stages getting an interpreter might be compulsory. But with time the learners will need interpretation less. It is also important to use audio visual and other facilities in communicating with students. You need to help the other students accept and respect the learner by giving them a chance to talk about their cultures. Sometimes, instructors should also allow the learner to mix languages until they can speak fluently. During conferences they should use teleconference and interpreters to enhance communication.
  • Use well trained educators to enhance learning for ELL. The teachers who instruct ELLs must be patient and ready to learn something little about the culture of their students. They must also diversify their techniques for content delivery so as to help the students learn more easily.

An essay on ELL Families and Schools should basically bring out the role of educating the parents and children as a means of enhancing language acquisition. Where you have trouble writing an essay on ELL Families and Schools you should contact us. Our experts have many tips and can write excellent customized essays on ELLs for you.