Essay on community may be a difficult assignment to complete because, in fact, it is challenging to determine the issue of community itself. Your essay will be based on what you think the community is rather than a common definition. To give you a brief explanation, a community may be considered as a whole amount of living people or a small group of people within the larger group. Now you will need to decide what your opinion about this term is and describe it in the form of essay.

If you have some problem with your community essay, we are always ready to assist you. In the following article you will find necessary information considering the issue under analysis. Moreover, you will get acquainted with the relevant ideas that can be included in your paper about community.

If you are confused by the assignment, here are some useful ideas for your community paper:

1. You may focus on the general features of a community and its impact on the developing personality. Describe the issue from the perspective of a person who was growing in the favorable community or in the unfavorable one.

2. Describe the life in a certain community and its effect on the people. You may focus on Afro-American and Mexican communities in the USA, gay or lesbian communities, etc.

3. Write about some global communities, for example, European Community. Tell in what way it is unique and different from the others.

4. Tell the reader about the community you live in. Describe the people, their characters and values. How did this community contributed to your development as a person?

5. Analyze the way how certain famous people contributed to the improvement of their communities. For example, you may discuss the activities of certain politicians.

6. What are the problems faced by global communities? You may discuss the issues of pollution, environment, government, etc.

7. If you have changed the community (for example, moved to the other city), compare the values of two communities you lived in.

8. You may also describe the community of your country. How does it differ from the other countries and what do you appreciate about it the most?

Your essay on community may focus on different issues as the topic is very broad and covers a lot of aspects. If you do not know what to discuss in your paper, here you could find some relevant ideas to use in the research. Pick up the one and try to develop it in a way that will be interesting and fascinating to read.