The format of an essay is like the frame of a picture. This is something that holds its content and makes it attractive. However, the format of an essay serves more purposes than those served by the frame of a picture. The format of the essay plays the most important role of communicating the message of your essay to the readers. Ideal format makes it easy for the readers to understand what you have to say, while the inappropriate format just makes it more confusing. This is why you should follow the right format for your essay.

There are several aspects of the format in an essay. For example, there is the overall format of the essay that is often described by the instructor. Basically, the essay will have three parts the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The body of the essay deals with the main issue while the introduction leads the readers to it and the conclusion offers a deep thought upon the issue.

Within this broad format, there are several minute aspects that you have to take care of as well. For example, there is the question of paragraphs within the essay. The ideal paragraph too should have three similar sections. The first one should propose a thought and the second would elaborate it. The final line of the paragraph should draw a conclusion based on the elaboration.

For so many factors, students often want to get rid of the hassles by hiring the custom essay writing services. However, if you have taken up the challenge yourself, make sure that you have a clear idea about the format that you will follow in your essay. You can consult with your instructor and discuss whether he or she wants any specific modification in your essay.