College essay tips on how to get started

Going through college essay examples about your chosen topic can make you anxious. They look well written and earn perfect grades. How do you achieve this? Follow the following college essay tips:

  • Spend enough time on topic choice – the topic you settle on can make or break your essay. You have to find a balance between having one that is general enough to have a number of sources but at the same time specific enough that the research is not too tedious
  • Brainstorm – give your ideas a chance. When writing an application essay for example, there is little research you can do. Take all your ideas and note them down
  • Organize – use an outline to structure your essay in order to know which content goes where. Without a clear outline you are likely to struggle with your writing.

Essay grammar tips that are guaranteed to improve your essay writing

When writing an application to college, you cannot afford to make any grammatical errors. There are a number of college essay tips and tricks which can help you avoid such errors, including focusing on:

  • Subject-verb agreement

The subject of a sentence must agree with the verb, for example; “each of them was” is correct while “each of them were” is incorrect

  • Passive/Active voice

The active voice you choose has to be the one where the subject is performing the action

  • Use of first person

Most applications expect you to give your point of view, which requires use of first person. Other types of essays however do not require this.

  • Use of pronouns

A pronoun can only refer to a noun and both words must be in agreement. If the noun is singular, the pronoun must also be singular and the same applies when its plural.

These are just a few of many essay grammar tips that can assist you in writing your essay for college.

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