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There are many written bullying essays out there written for academic purposes that may not necessarily be great in quality or good enough to help a student secure a great score, which is often the target for most. Before you write any bully essay it is important to know the facts and decide on a […]

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Sometimes it is easy to ignore certain topics such as childhood obesity until such a time when you are required to write an academic paper about the topic. Being a student, you may assume that this is one of the easiest subjects to tackle until you are assigned. It is not always easy to come […]

How to write a mental health essay

Like other essays, essays on mental health have an introduction, main body, and a conclusion.   When asked to write ‘why it is important to eat healthy essay’ students fail to give a succinct discussion. Instead, the students end up giving sketchy reasons without evidence.  Such work will never grant them an ‘A’ paper but instead, […]

How to write essays about health.

Many times in our studies we are asked to write essays about health. This is to enable us to understand the importance of living healthy. When discussing health, we only focus on the body and always forget to talk about the mind. Winning essays on health must encompass the mind and the body. Make sure […]

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Essays that address social issues affecting the society, or prevalent in other parts of the world are common in social science related courses. The difficulty with this essay is, the facts used must be recent and verifiable. Some of the topics in this regard require students to write a ‘should the death penalty be abolished […]

Tips on how to conclude an informative essay

At one time or another, your teacher may ask you to write an essay. He may choose a topic for you or ask you to select a topic for yourself. Many times, students may get a topic that they have no clue about. If that is the case, you need not worry. We will guide […]